How I’d Redesign Piano Sheet Music
Alex Couch

That is such utter nonsense. And what about octaves and different note lengths and rhythms? Your idea is terrible. Traditional music notation is perfectly readable even from across the room and intuitively makes sense.

This not only gets the beginner NOWHERE close to being better at reading music or becomming a better player, but digresses the beginner farther and farther away from understanding notation by teaching them something else which actually makes it harder to read and understand how to play real songs.

The analogy here is you want to make it easier to read english, so you teach them how to read phonetically instead. Lurn ing 2 reed baysik inglish bye teeching uther, ezier speling actshuly herts the lurner.

Painstaking work and time went into today’s notation and it shows. It works. A staff of 5 lines is the perfect number so that any note position is immediately recognizable.

Your idea resembles the “midi piano role” style in today’s music DAW apps like Logic, Cubase, etc. and not suitable for readability. Even guitar chord charts and TAB are based on traditional sheet music because it is immediately clar and recognizable.

Your lyrics just sit in blocks off to the side with no indication of where words and syllables go for vocal rhythm and timing. Your idea makes “sight reading” completely impossible and is unworkable.

Your idea is based on the flawed premise that a beginner should start learning traditional music notation by learning something other than music notation.

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