The Colorado River is full of silt from the highly erosive sand stone and salts that are washed from the rocks when it rains. (which is why the ocean is salty) The river bottom is a very fine pumice that when stepped on sinks 6 inches and leaves you with a plum of mud that slowly and visibly flows down the meandering river. . This is where I bathe tonight.

I am amazed and embarrassed at how well the soap runs off my head after only a short emersion and how clean I feel despite the murkiness of the water. When I dry off and begin to leave I’m stopped by a group of 11 dirt bikers that are from British Colombia and drive a bus reading in large lettering on either side: Zombie Response Unit. They spark up a conversation and say that I am more than welcome to stay the night in there camp and that I just need to drink a beer with them . . I happily accept and grab a beer and shoot the shit with the very non-like minded people about the most mundane shit that means absolutely nothing to me. 4 beers later and I find myself laying in the dark a mile from camp in some canyon trying to escape the mentally destructive conversations of the biker bandits.

Even though I loath this style of life it does make me crave social interaction, what they talk about or even what the youth group the next campsite over talks about might not be meaningful or enlightening to me but what means more is that they have this human connection with one another that speaks far louder than the words spoken.

I am excited to make it to Colorado tomorrow and I hope the new terrain will rekindle my fire for traveling and give me a sense of content that I can actually move here. I met and rode a 35 mile mountain bike trail with 2 guys who live in Vail and say that I can come and stay and bike/ski with them when I make it there and that is very comforting.. One connection is better than none