My first Twitter Chat: #ChatSnap

I have to admit, I thought Twitter was a dying platform. However, I was wrong. Not only is it used frequently, and by many people, but it is used in creative ways. Thanks to things such as Twitter chat, Tweeting is more than retweeting and favoriting tweets, there is a conversation happening with hundreds of people all using a hashtag.

Today, Wednesday, September 27th, at 2pm, was this week’s #ChatSnap Twitter chat. It was run by Rebecca Councill (@RebCouncill). She is a Social Media and Evernote Consultant, and the one who was asking the questions. The guest this week was Dun and Bradstreet digital marketing manager, Katelyn Brower (@BrowerKDnB). She was answering questions, and providing insight.

The way it works is the ‘leader’ of the twitter chat will post questions and share answers. Though everyone can answer (and their responses are valued), this is a chance for the person being ’interviewed’ to share their opinions and knowledge.

The topic today was about promotion on Snapchat. It was prefaced with two Icebreakers with questions like, “Would you use snapchat at a funeral - & would you use the filter they set up for it?” (I answered with a hard no.) There were eight questions during the Twitter chat (all asked by Rebecca Councill), including:

2) “Have you seen product promotions in Snapchat?”

4) “What type of businesses should do Snapchat promotions?”

6) “What are some of the best you’ve seen?”

8) “Do you think businesses need to put money behind their Snapchat strategies to be successful?”

While I answered question 2 with “A2: Other than the Ads placed between stories, the Snaps created by those I follow do not include anything promotional. #ChatSnap,” my favorite answers answered questions number 4 and 8:

Overall, participating in a Twitter chat was a great way to see the unique ways people are connecting. I got two new followers, multiple replies, and many favorites (as I did the same). Those in the chat are friendly and informative. I felt like people cared what I had to say, just as I valued what others said.

Twitter chat also exemplifies the creative ways those in the marketing field are growing. By discussing, sharing, and communicating, insights are obtained in a fun way. It gets me excited to see what other ways my field (advertising) will grow on a powerful medium such as social media.

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