Why Every Journalist Should Be Reviewing Articles On Credder

Chase Palmieri
Mar 5, 2019 · 2 min read
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TL;DR: Here are the key take aways.

-Hold other journalists accountable. You know, the ones giving journalism a bad name. You can also highlight the great work of colleagues.

-Establish yourself as the expert in your field- i.e. Foreign Policy, Health Care, Bitcoin.

-Amass more Twitter followers- ones that are passionate about quality journalism.

-Coming Soon- a tipping feature for one-off and monthly donations.

-You’ve gotta get your news somewhere!

Full Read (5 mins):

Credder is a news review site that wants news to compete for trust, not clicks. The site takes a Rotten Tomatoes approach to online news, allowing verified journalists and the public to review articles, measuring trust in every article, author, and outlet. Today, journalists can request early access to the site at credder.com.

Verified journalists review under the Critic Rating, leaving publicly visible reviews (positive or negative) on any article. It’s a great way to highlight quality journalism while establishing your own expertise in a given field. For example, if you report on U.S. Foreign Affairs, you can review articles written by others on the same topic and add your two cents to each article. When you see a journalist pushing clickbait on his or her readers, you’ll get to look like the hero for calling them out. When they do great work, you’re there to support them.

Credder displays a journalist’s Twitter handle next to each of their reviews, making the site a great way for any journalist to amass new Twitter followers. And all those new Twitter followers are from Credder, so they’re some of the most active and thoughtful news consumers on the web.

If that weren’t enough to entice a journalist to start building trust on Credder, Credder will also be introducing a tipping feature (Stripe and PayPal integrated) so readers can give one-off or monthly recurring tips.

Don’t wait too long to get familiar with the platform. Its goal is literally to make news compete for trust instead of clicks, so take advantage of this shift. And hey, even journalists gotta get their news somewhere!

#crowdcontestedmedia #trustnotclicks

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