The First Day of Forever

The first day of the rest of my life
Another shot at a fresh start
A clear mind and an unblemished heart
Shooting fast forward hitting my target like a dart

A chance to reduce my entire life to its bare bones
A chance to throw it all away to find out what I truly need
We get comfortable and we accumulate things
We get a nest and fill it with more and more twigs
We forget what it was like to fly from tree to tree

When you are constantly going from here to there
You realise what is and is not important
You realise what you do and don’t need to live a happy life
Spend a few weeks living out of a suitcase & hotel room
When you get back home, you feel suffocated by all your things
You begin to question why you held onto all this stuff
You begin to wonder why you bought all this shit, to begin with
You begin to realise how little value these objects have once they’re yours
Once purchased, most of it sits there and gathers dust
It would have been better to have just taken a photograph

The first day of your life you had nothing
You were completely naked but you were alive & there was hope
Your whole life was ahead of you
Though once you start to collect experiences & things, you weigh yourself down.
Release the shackles you’ve put around your wrists & ankles
This way you can move freely, run freely through the fields of life
For this is the first day of forever