Outback Steakhouse Center-Cut Sirloins TV Spot

It’s an ‘Australian Dinner Party’ and —

I think we all need to do a little background check here on Mr. Adrian Richardson, Australia’s “Meat Goy”.

We all know the Aussie’s namesake has been exploited a bit in the past for the American consumer, i.e.: #Fosters — Australian for beer-my-ah’ joke of the century, ha-ha_(pause)_(laugh)_ #Yellowtail — I hear these days they’re exporting well in China_(wry smile)…

And now, this latest advert for #Outback Steakhouse — is no exception to the fraternity of farces: founded in Tampa, Florida, (no it really is, Wiki it)by none other than a male stripper, from a little known movie — Magic Mike and Bloomin’ brand — you’ve been very enterprising but I’m cleaver to your ruse.

Coincidence? I think not! — — Mr Andersonn, who are you really?