Seeing the Signs of Growing Up

Stayed home with Chloe again today. She barely slept last night. Which means we barely slept last night. Every Crawford woke up exhausted. No surprise this morning, Daddy already planned to be at home. I prepared to make Chloe as comfortable as possible while trying to stay awake*.

Today improved so much over yesterday. Chloe had a fever early in the morning, which broke around 7:30 a.m. She remained groggy for most of our time together. I tried to make the most of it with her. Feeding her was a breeze which I didn’t expect. Changed her diaper painlessly as well (she normally fights back). After a warm hug from me to her was formally requested with the raising of arms and a slight whine. I happily obliged. All day. She communicated very early on that I was not allowed to put her down. I was fine with that. For today.

Two moments struck me today. They were both the kind of surreal moments that make new parents just stare at their kids in awe for a second.

First, as we sat down for a blend of apples and bananas, I taught Chloe to nod. I intended to make sure she horked down the fruit cup but she laughed when I nodded while I said, “Yes Sir! I want some!” in my high pitched Chloe-imitation voice. The nod made her laugh. She knew how to shake her head for “no”, but this nodding thing? What a novel idea! She practiced a couple times which produced a labored head bobbing with some serious shoulder action. Another time she rolled her head around. She gave it many more tries before giving up. I was stunned by her determination to learn what was being modeled for her. Eventually she resorted to watching me nod. Still, having your child want to imitate you is a great feeling.

Chloe did more than just nod today. At one point in the afternoon, she decided she had the energy to play, so she crawled around her room throwing toys behind her as if she was their destroyer. Mom used to dream about having a big shovel on the front of her car when we were stuck in traffic. The shovel was meant for one simple purpose, “Pickin’ those people up and flingin’em behind us!” That’s what Chloe is like when she plays in her room.

She did calm down after a while and crawled over to her book rack. We pick a book from her book rack each night and sit as a family to read. That’s probably our favorite moment of the day. Well, Chloe felt like surprising her dad this time. She crawled to the book rack, pulled out her copy of Little Blue Truck, crawled back to me, placed the book in my lap and asked for help getting into the chair. Without hesitation I began to read for her.

I know everyone says their kid is so advanced. I don’t intend to claim Chloe has something other’s don’t. I do however want to say that I am so proud that Chloe enjoys having books read to her. I hope she enjoys reading just as much. After I finished the book, I kissed her little forehead and put her to sleep.

Parenting is so great you guys.

*Excuse the many errors. I haven’t slept and I am too tired to edit anymore. Please send grammar complaints to