Apple is working on a new service (backed by Goldman) that will let consumers pay for any Apple Pay purchase in installments over time, rivaling the “buy now, pay later” offerings popularized by services from Affirm (whose stock dropped 10% on the news)and PayPal. Look out … here comes Apple. #wakeupimagine

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For the music industry, cryptocurrency will be as disruptive as MTV. Great read from Fast Company — a former MTV exec reflects on how crypto is shaking up the music industry in ways reminiscent of a certain game-changing video network born in 1981. #wakeupimagine #crypto #musicindustry #music

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And… no this is not CGI, this is the real deal from Gravity Industries. If you haven’t watched this video or watched any of their other videos then be ready for your jaw to drop. Super cool. #wakeupimagine#takeongravity#innovation

To see more check out their website:

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A recent study from the CMO Council and Deloitte found that only 17% of CMOs track Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) well. Yes, as we all know acquisitions seem to always be the holy grail of organizations, but as #data shows retention and development are the things that pay off in abundance. Plus, decisions about customer acquisition, retention, and development shouldn’t be driven by cost considerations — they should be based on future value. Knowing your customer is the right customer and an engaged customer sets you up for years of success and advocacy.


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Airships — “Royalty and dignitaries, brandy and cigars. Grey Lady-giant of the skies you hold them in your arms… ” — Iron Maiden. Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer for Iron Maiden and captain of the band’s personal Boeing 757, has invested $380,000 in Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd who are within 4 years of their first-planned commercial flight of the Airlander10 — a hybrid-electric airship that produces 75% fewer emissions per mile traveled than a passenger jet. Perhaps this investment isn’t a surprise. The band is famous both for long songs, and songs about flying, and their longest-ever song — Empire…

You’re looking at the world’s first flying drone-like hoverboard.

After years of research and design, tech inventor Hunter Kowald unveils a fully functional hoverboard — and this one actually flies (many prototypes failed over the past years — ouch).

It is made of floor-mounted propellers and a carbon-fiber structure controlled by remote control. It has a payload capacity of 227 kg and weighs 340kg. Read more here:

Back to the Future anyone. McFly?! McFly?! #wakeupimagine H/T Pascal BORNET#future#innovation

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Ah yes, the never-ending quest for the shiny spoon — aka the next big thing — pay dirt, magic dust, maybe a golden egg or two. Maybe just maybe a little #firstprinciples analysis, a dash of #designthinking, a smattering of some great #insights and #trends, all stirred together with some juicy #marketing fundamentals. Just saying… #wakeupimagine#marketing

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The idea of a future where travelers can be whisked above traffic from downtown locales straight to airports where they can catch flights to anywhere in the world is gaining traction. No, we’re not talking about helicopters but rather low-emission electric vertical takeoff and landing — or #eVTOL — aircraft.

American Airlines, the largest carrier in the world, aircraft leasing giant Avolon, and Virgin Atlantic Airways are the latest to bet on this new breed of planes. American has committed to up to 250 VA-X4 eVTOLs from Vertical Aerospace, Avolon another up to 500 aircraft, and Virgin Atlantic a purchase…

This futuristic concept by Doosan hints at the evolution of the #construction industry.

This #autonomous new system combines technologies to build constructions and do mining in regions that are inaccessible or dangerous, preventing worker’s injuries. #futureofwork

With the vast mining for Lithium et al we’re going to be doing for the next generation of #ElectricVehicles … this may actually be the future. #wakeupimagine#innovation#ai#robotics

This inspiring concept by Doosan won the 2021 iF Design Award.

Read more here:

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Ok this is so what I need, as my green thumb is NOT so green! — this open-source farming machine can feed daily one person throughout the year. Wow.

It provides exactly the amount of water and light necessary to each and every plant. It also removes weeds thanks to its #computervision system. Yes, please. #wakeupimagine#intelligentautomation#sustainability#innovation H/T Pascal BORNET

Read more about it: The FarmBot Project:

Originally published at Lux + Imagine Labs.

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