Travel blog

So its about that time again… Mom was stress as usually around this time but a bit more than normal. Its like if you could say one word to her my mom would just completely blow her top. i wouldn't blame her for the stress my brothers put her through on vacation time. they like to be picky and extremely needy. If we don't get a somewhat a decent hotel Tyler and Keegan tend to throw a fit. When this happens they like to stay in the car to protest. The longest ride ever past while we headed our way to Michigan to mackinac island. We arrived in a small town docking towards to the lack. Once we got the dock i started to get very nervous, i never really liked boats its not my ride of choice. i took a very slow step onto the boat and instantly i felt heavy in my stomach. i was for sure i was experiencing sea sickness. none of my family was helping me through it. Keegan just told me to grow up. The boat come to a halt as i open my eyes from the whole trip. A smell started to overwhelm my body full of fresh deep blue water and amazing smells of well cooked food.i flopped onto the island with my feet. After that my mind took a change. It was a first time for a lot of things that day. First time being on an island, seeing no cars for miles, and trying the best mouth watering candy i've ever had. As you stepped off of the dock the first thing you see is the giant hotel. Its amazing, horses are everywhere same with bikes. Its was pretty cool experience to feel that no automobile was there to transport lazy people. The first thing that i do cut everyone off, go rent a mountain bike, an be on my way to adventure through the thick forest in the island. This is the best travel I’ve had ever experienced.