My First Blogging Experience

Chase Wrenn, United States

I have never blogged before in my life. The thought of becoming a blogger was not very interesting for me and I found it difficult to write about Smart Cities. In the beginning, we each chose a topic to write about. This was the first challenge. Writing a blog on a topic I had no knowledge or interest in was difficult to sit down to a blank screen and write on that topic.

I then discovered one of the key elements to writing…my voice. If I am going to write a blog then I want to write it in my own voice, style, and format. So I want add gifs, pictures, and videos to my blogs. Create a story for a subject to add more spice to the blog. Anything I wanted to express who I am. Soon I began to like writing a blog. During the next few months I picked the topics I really enjoyed and began writing. Before I knew it, it wasn’t a “have to” but a “want to.” Now I am a fan of blogging and I could see myself blogging more in the future.

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