Start With The Toughest…

Mondays are tough.

A great weekend gives way to “getting back to the grind”. But for me, at least, it’s more of a gradual change from weekend back to weekday.

Extra coffee is required on Monday. Maybe a little more surfing online happening than actual work for the early part of the day.

At some point, though, the “to-do” list gets made, and things start to happen. So how do you prioritize what gets done first?

Start with the toughest task.

The one that you’re avoiding, maybe even dreading a little bit. It’s a tough task, to tackle this one thing that probably comes with a decent amount of conversation in your head.

But when you tackle it first, and use the momentum to move forward, it’s almost like nothing can stop you. Everything else seems easy and the confidence from “getting after it” is stronger than any double shot from the coffee shop.

Tomorrow, start with the toughest task. Whether it’s a tough conversation, an intense analysis, or dealing with a client or customer. You’ll be glad you did.

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