What Does This Say About Us?

So I’m working yesterday, casually checking Yahoo as I normally do. My attention span lasts about 8–10 seconds these days.

Yahoo always has the latest Good Morning America puff pieces. You know, not real “news” but not the fake news that our orange President aimlessly rants about.

This would fall into the “personal interest story” for most news stations. It’s interesting, because it’s about people. But what’s really interesting about this is what it says about our culture, specifically our dating culture.

Students meet for the first time after talking on Tinder…for 3 years.

Josh and Michelle matched on Tinder. If you’ve lived under a rock for the last five years, Tinder is a popular dating app that only allows you to speak with your match if you both “swipe right” meaning you’re into each other.

They live in the same area, and attend the same University. Tinder is a location based app so you only match with people within a certain number of miles from you.

But that’s a typical story, nothing irregular yet. Except for the fact that it took them 3 fucking years to meet…on GMA. Not on their college campus for an actual date, no, TV producers had to pick up their story to actually bring the two together.

The only messages shown are this hilarious joke that they keep going, waiting months to message back with excuses of why they flaked out on each other. Isn’t that so cute?

Michelle says she just couldn’t be the one to stop this joke, she just HAD to keep it going.

So…what the fuck does this say about us? We’re willing to wait three years to meet someone that couldn’t actually make plans to meet us? I get that this a joke, but…is it? If so, society is the punchline.

Communication has broken down so much that we now resort to this? First off, if someone doesn’t contact me back on Tinder then I move on. In fact, I’ve moved on from the app altogether after not having much success.

Back in the day, people wrote long, eloquent love letters to people thousands of miles away fighting wars. They’d wait for them for years and write constantly about their undying love. Now, you get two poop emojis and a smiley face, or, if you’re lucky, a Bitmoji.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fascinated by the switch in communication to emojis, I think it’s heading back towards hieroglyphics that lined the walls of Egyptian tombs. It’s the lack of caring in the communication, the lack of empathy that concerns me.

People are matching on Tinder with no intention of meeting the other person, and no intention of even talking to them. In fact, a recent study of 3,800 people aged 18–22 showed over 70% have never met any of their matches in person. Granted this is a young audience that doesn’t know what the fuck they want in really any aspect of their life, but the numbers are staggering.

People use Tinder for a distraction, or a confidence boost, not looking for anything real. At least, not for the most part. It’s much easier to swipe while you’re taking a dump to pass time than actually look for the love of your life (if that’s even a thing). And for someone in their 30’s, it’s not something I’m really into.

This definitely says that our society is changing, in the way we interact, and the way we view ourselves and those around us. I’m just not sure that it’s for the better.