Cold Turkey… what’s the big deal?

No… this isn’t a post about Xmas leftovers… though I could go on a tangent about that considering the amount of sweets that got sent home with us!

On Dec 19 (or so) I went to a specialist about the skin around my eye. For the last almost 3 years I’ve been dealing with skin issues around my eyes of varying degrees which, at the most mild, puffy and made me look like I hadn’t slept for a few days crying; to at the worst, my eye swollen shut, poster child for domestic abuse!

Now, don’t ever joke to my husband that he beats me!

So, finally after dealing with this for too long, I went to one of my doctors insisting on a referral to a specialist and he diagnosed me with eczema on my eyelids! OMFG… I’ve had friends dealing with eczema on elbows and places with hardier skin than around the eyes! NOT good!

Then I got a FB message from my cousin… about doing some testing if I was open to it. ANYHING if it was better than the ointment that, sure, has made my eyes 10 times better, also has a 4 page possible side effects and unknown future possible ailments! Yeah- skin cancer on my eyes not high on my priority!!!!

So after some “testing” she prescribed a gluten/dairy/sugar free diet with some specific supplements. I didn’t realize she was a naturalpath and though her methods of divining the answers were closer to witchcraft than actual medicine, I was willing to try anything!

A galpal of mine had horrible acne and after going on a similar diet completely restored her skin- the first thing I said to her after seeing her after she adopted that diet was “what did you do to your skin?”! I had always known her with acne, so to see her with a clear face was amazing! So it’s not that unusual! I know that the skin (endocrine system) is the largest organ is the largest of the human body and anything on the outside is a reflection of the inside.

Anyhow…. off topic. The whole point of this tangent was she told me “no gluten/sugar/dairy” and I did it. Through PMS and everything!

I don’t know what it is with people who get told that something they are doing/eating will make them sick and possibly kill them and they continue the destructive behavior! My dad did that when he was diagnosed with diabetes… he did the minimum amount required…

Anyhow… I was told “NO!” and I did it through the most difficult time of the month… and for being a sugar addict…. that is quite a feat!!!

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