My Life, My Strife, My Wife, My Love

The days and nights are filled with fear

Darkness and doubt envelope me like a blanket

The shadows are long, and reach for me with cold fingers

Looking forward fills me with dread

For years this has been My Life

Tossed and lost on an ocean of uncertainty

Like Odysseus at the mercy of fickle and playful Gods

I struggle to find my path to home and peace

And to maintain a brave warriors face.

For years now, this has been My Strife

The fearless and loyal Captain at my side

Braving the arrows, holding my shield

Lending me strength when mine has failed

Honing the edge when my sword is dull.

For years now, this has been My Wife

Like a candle in the darkness

Like a beacon glimpsed when nearing home

Like a healer tending my wounds and my soul

Like a symbol of all that is good and of hope.

For years now, I thank you,

My Love

Written by my husband for me, Christmas 2014

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