Lush- Out of Control [Single Review]

There is an interesting genre out there in the sonic spectrum that not many people talk about. You would probably raise your eyebrows if you heard the term ‘shoegaze music’, but if you enjoy that semi-psychedelic feel, with a mellow ‘I don’t need to trip’ mood, then you’ll definitely enjoy it. Shoegaze is quite literally what the label reads. You will find yourself watching a band on stage staring down at their shoes. It’s a disconnected type of music, you just kind of get lost in it, stop thinking about the outside world, and enjoy the music.

If I had to describe it in four words, they would probably be ‘distorted wall of sound’. Shoegazing is mostly associated with bands such as My Bloody Valentine and the Cocteau Twins. While you should definitely check them out, today we’re going to talk about a band that recently reformed and is soon going to be releasing a new EP: Lush.

I want to take a moment to dedicate this article to their late drummer Chris Acland (1966–1996).

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Lush exited retirement on February 19th with ‘Out of Control’, a song that is absolutely stunning. It really has that disconnected, but starry feel that I figured had been lost somewhere in the 90s. I guess seeing that they haven’t been active since then has allowed their style to remain mostly the same and not become as influenced by the new millenium.

Out of Control peaked my attention on the third chord they play, about 5 seconds into the song. When the lyrics come in, you really understand what shoegaze music is all about. Slow, calm singing that almost blends into the instrumental background accompanying it. I will say that you lose a little bit of the calm during the chorus, as I get the feeling that it seems to spiral a bit and become more active. I wouldn’t say that it detracts from the song, but it doesn’t make me want to just stand and watch in a concert environment, I really want to sway and dance to this song more than just look at my shoes, and hover in unison with the rest of the audience. The issue is that what I just described at the end of the sentence is what I want to do during the verse. There is a bit of a dichotomy going on here, but I can dig it.

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The thing that really does attract me to this song, is the ambience of it. I fall in love with songs that create a sense of space. I first listened to this song whilst sitting on a train to London, with the sun glaring through the window. I had inadvertently realised that I was in the perfect situation to listen to the song. The fast moving countryside, the sun, the smooth ride on the train just meshed and blended to provide that vignette, soft image that I could just rest back and enjoy life to.

If you add the lyrical content into the experience, while they give of sense of angsty melancholy, they still make it something of a ‘feel good’ song. It seems that they are describing an argument, or a break up between two people. The viewpoint we’re given is that notion of trying to make up, to fix things. We know in our hearts, no matter what end of a relationship we’re in, that we’re right, and we stick by our decisions, but we also don’t want to hurt our other half, or leave stinging feelings when we think of them.

At the end of the day, we embrace that sense of loss sometimes, it’s what makes us stronger.

The release of the song was accompanied by a music video which I feel really captures the essence of what they are trying to create. Slow moving, rural images bathed in sunlight, with gratuitous amounts of lens flare, almost launch me back to when I was on the train. You should definitely give it a watch if you’re starting to dig the idea of this music. The tracking shots are done so well it’s almost hypnotic. The interactions between the characters in the video are also exemplar of what you would expect from shoegaze listeners or performers. They are in close proximity, possibly even intimate, but completely disconnected, from each other and the surroundings. They are lost in the beauty of the world around them.

I would definitely recommend this song and shoegaze music in general to anyone who enjoys a bit of psychedelia or grunge, but want to have that chill down song to listen to on a sunny day, or need a bit of a pick up on a rainy one.

Lush will be releasing their new EP Blind Spot on April 15th. Yes, I will be reviewing it, and yes, I am looking forward to doing so. I want to thank my friend for recommending this song to me, it was a pleasure to listen to and I really hope that I can share it with anyone who has reached this far down on the article. ‘Out of Control’ is currently available on Spotify, so if you like it, go ahead and lose yourself in the music!

Thanks for reading! and don’t hesitate to leave any opinions in the reply section!

New EP out 04.15.16

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