Well, It is rightly said that,

Doctors are God on Earth

but where are you when we need you the most?!

Today my sister got hit by a car and got severely hurt in the right side of the body, typically on her right hand and leg. We rushed to the doctor as she was crying in pain and there was blood all over. But what did we find? There were no doctors! Someone is on leave, while the other is already closed.

I understand a doctor is a human and has his own family life and needs but if a patient who needs immediately aid approaches, isn’t it the doctor’s responsibility to provide her with aid?

Some doctors charge so much that people who cannot afford are left untreated and have no other option than to leave their condition on fate.

According to me, this should not be the case. Doctors are the ones who can save a person’s life. They should be available for everyone every time irrespective of whether the person can afford the treatment. Because after all,

saving a life is worth more than anything in the world. 🌎
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