Love Gives Lust a Bad Name

Everyone tells you to take in Love.

On paper, Love has a gold star resume. Their application hits all the keywords in your search engine: Kind. Patient. Humble. Selfless.

Lust has a few gap years. They can’t maintain eye contact and their hesitation is their most impressionable quality. Everybody tells you to ignore Lust.

Photo: Benjamin Combs via Unsplash

Love is the smart investment.

Lust is a free spirit who does the bare minimum. They are a wild card, habitually reckless. But they are also fiercely independent. Given the right boundaries, Lust can brighten up the room. They leave everyone smiling.

Love craves committed attention. They’ll come to you for help with assignments on communication, patience, and empathy. If you don’t have the time to work with them, then you’ve set Love up for failure.

Without dedication and investment, Love will become depressed and rotten. A shell of your expectations and a deep scar of heartbroken failure.

It’s never been about who makes you look better.
It’s about who your heart can afford.

Love gives Lust a bad name.

Lust always operates by the rules — they just need to know what those rules are. Set them. Inform them. Manage each other’s expectations. Lust will never be Love. Maintain that respect and they’ll excel. In fact, over time, they might even be willing to take on the nickname Adoration.

One day, you’ll look around your home and discover that you’ve become more organized. Now there’s room for Love.

You’ll go back and find Love waiting where you left them. This time, you have the time to give Love everything they deserve to blossom.