Mexico City is a huuuuuuge city, not only in population size (being one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world) but also the amount of exploration to discover everything in and around Mexico City.

Mexico City is broken up into little neighborhoods, each with its own charm and appeal. With six days in Mexico City, you would think it would be ample amount of time to explore in and around the city, but we combined those six days with four trips outside of Mexico City and a lazy day because we forgot it was a holiday and everything was…

Berlin is a quirky and happening city, with literally so much to do. It’s basically impossible to find the time to do everything, see everything, and eat everything that makes Berlin, Berlin! From wandering the colorful graffitied streets to seeing your history textbooks come alive. Berlin is a city where the past becomes the present, despite the amount of time you have in the city, check out these top things you should do!

If you’re headed to Berlin for a weekend or a few days, check out my guide on “Two Days in Berlin”

1. Indulge in a Currywurst (or…

Estonia is a small country, with a history dating back to the end of the glacial era (around 8500 BC, yeah it’s suuuuper oold). Much of Estonia’s history involves being invaded by neighbouring countries until 1991 when the country finally won their independence as the Soviet Union dissolved. It has been its own blue, black, and white 🇪🇪 country ever since! Estonia is slowly becoming a melting pot of youngsters, as well as a cultural hub.

Fun Fact☝🏼: Estonia is the nerve center for most European startup companies. Skype was born here!

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is straight out…

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