One Day in Tallinn


I’ve said it many times, in the numerous countries/cities I have traveled to. There are two ways to see any city: walking tour and getting lost. Tallinn offers a great free walking tour brought to you by the youngster locals, who offer the colorful tales of the city. The tour starts at noon in front of the Tallinn Tourist Information. The tour includes all of this: Tallinn’s Famous Churches — Freedom Square — Kiek in de Kök — Danish King’s Garden — Toompea — Alexander Nevsky Cathedral — Viewpoints — Tallinn Town Hall Square — Old Tallinn City Wall — Harju street

Freedom Square:

This square is dedicated to the War of Independence, symbolic of pride.

Kiek in de Kö

Which means “Peep into Kitchen” in German, this is an artillery tower built in 1475, now serves as a cafe. It got its name from the fact that standing at the top looking out the window you had the ability to look down into kitchens of nearby houses.

Danish King’s Garden

Allegedly in 1219, the Danish flag fell from the sky (in this garden) which therefore led the Danish forces victory over Estonia. The Danes claimed that their flag originated from the heavens. A lot of myths, legends and stories are associated with this park. If you end up going, ask your guide about a few of them!


Its a hill. With a beautiful view.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Russian Orthodox church completed in 1900 when Estonia was under the reign of the Czarist Empire (Russian). The cathedral was dedicated to Prince of Novgordor: Alexander Yaroslavich Nevsky. It was him who left the Battle of the Ice at Lake Peipsi in 1242. This particular battle is what halted the German forces from moving east. It is deliberately placed in front of the Toompea Castle as a reminder of who was in charge.

Old Town/Raekoja Plats

Stepping into this square is like traveling back in time, the architecture, the colors, everything around you will make you feel like you are inside a fairytale. During the wintertime, this square transforms into a Christmas festival with traditions that date all the way back to 1441.

Town Hall Pharmacy:

One of the oldest pharmacy in Europe and operating since the 15th century. This pharmacy deserves a visit, inside your can find medial medications and potions such as unicorn powder, mummy juice, and bat powder.

Tallinn Town Wall

Climb to the top of St Olav’s Church (cost: €3)

Have you been to Tallinn before? What did you enjoy most?



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