Just because you play music then you call yourself a musician? Well, you can do all things with confidence.

Contemplate what you can do with life. There’s so much to do.

I am writing this in the middle of a night, actually it’s dawn already. But I have come to realised that this is a good time to rethink and have thoughts.

I like to write music. I play music. I perform music. But do I call myself a musician? Some people think it’s immodest to call yourself a musician. You have to reach a certain level in order to call yourself a musician. Well, I think it’s perfectly okay to call yourself a musician. We looked up at idols John Lennon (The Beatles), Bono (U2), Chris Martin (Coldplay) and we say that they are musicians, right? What do they do? They write music, play music, perform music. Just like we do. If you think that you didn’t have the ability, potential, or even confidence, like they do, then you’re not on the right state of mind. Confidence is the key. Believing in what you do is what makes people will like your music.

Maybe you didn’t have a large audience, maybe you feel like your song is a piece of crap and you think that everybody else have a good music except you. Well, maybe everybody else would’ve thought that they didn’t have a good music except you. They say that music is about taste, so there’s no good or bad music or else. It’s fair to say that music is about pouring your heart into them. Even in performing, writing, or anything else. If you can feel the music goes into your heart, and it’s affecting you, then you can call it good music. But if you feel like playing music is about showing off skills, or even initiate bad things, then it’s not even music anymore.

Feel the music, and let it feels you, heals you.

Go back to why you started playing music. You have it all. The dream, the ability, and the thoughts. That’s what counts. Combine it all and then you’re an inspiration. Be confident of what you do.

Find your dreams. Hear your inner voice.

I think this goes to all people who aspire to do things. There is no such thing as you don’t know what to do with your life. You have dreams. If you think you don’t have one, find them. Find them in your books. Find them in your music. Hear your inner voice. If your call is to be a musician, then be one. If your call is to be a writer, then write one. Even people with disability have dreams, and very much of them become one. They even inspired others.

If our body’s ready, then it’s time to get our mind to work! Vice versa.
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