Walk out. You’ll feel great.

The thing is that when I have nothing to write about I fell the urge to do so. With no topic in my mind there are no boundaries to where the text may lead and by knowing that there is always an option of not pressing the enter button I can relax because then this is just my mental practice improvisation 101.

There is only one rule to this improvisation game and I am making it up at this very instance and it is that whenever your mind stops and starts thinking about what you will write in your next line, you have to start writing whatever pops to your head. No cheating or there is no fun into it. One thought a day, one thought that sums it up.

Your day today, what is it? No overthinking, no thinking. What is it? Mine is nerves. How thin they become over time. It all starts when we are little by using the phrase that someone is getting on our nerves and at that point od life he or she probably isn’t.

Later on we start experiencing true nerve wracking experience. It is the feeling of helplessness caused by the impossibility to flee from that nerve wracking situation. Whether it’s a family member, your sweetheart, neighbourhood clerk or just the power of a situation, the older we get the thinner the nerves. Thinner the patience, dearer the time spent or should I say wasted on this type of frustrating situations.

For a while now I’ve been practicing a simple solution to the problem of frustration but it is a delicate mechanism that shouldn’t be used by those looking for a sweet escape. It is a very rude and impolite way of fixing things. Walking out. Yup. Just slowly stepping out of the situation that is clearly evolving around a bad feeling and is familiar from before.

So I’m not talking about every awkward or annoying or stressful situation you lean onto. I am talking about those parts of your day that you can and should avoid without hesitation or feeling guilty. Having a long conversation over the phone when all you wanna do is have some alone time for whatever just because you will maybe insult the person on the other side of the line.

Avoiding talking to someone who you are supposed to talk to whenever you find yourself in the same room cause you are co-workers or something. Stop having understanding for everyone and everything and if people tell you when they don’t feel like doing something, you do the same. Avoid overthinking the market line and analysing the slowness of it. Avoid getting frustrated waiting on a green light.

Use the time to think of something else. We hold it together and get used to it so bad that we spend most of our lives not knowing or ever figuring out that there should always be a point when we should just walk out.

Allow yourself to do so.

Walk out od that annoying chat, frustrated friends story you heard a dozen times, nerve eating neighbour.

Walk out. Don’t be an asshole. There are situations that irritate the shit out of me but involve having patience for my old father to climb up to my flat and walk with him, pause for him, wait for him and calm yourself for him. That’s a fair thing to do, but don’t let that irritating colleague of yours irritate you for one more day. This is my second best routine I adopted, next to starting my day without scrolling through feeds.

Just walk out. You’ll feel great. I do.