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A plethora of universities and colleges everywhere offer on campus living. When a student cannot commute, does not want to live at home, or many other reasons they choose to live in the colleges dorms. I attend Jackson College which was once a community college but is now just considered Jackson College. It is an urban campus that is located in Jackson, Michigan. Jackson College currently has three buildings for student housing, one of the buildings being campus view one, or cv1 for short, which was the first housing unit built in 2007. Campus view two was built in 2007, and the newest building, campus view three was built in 2015. There is currently a plan in action for the school to add a campus view four within the next few years.

To begin, I will talk about Campus view unit one and two, which are very much alike in almost all aspects. They both have three floors inside the building, with both stairs and elevator access. The rooms here at Jackson are considered “suites” or even sometimes “units”, and there are 24 suites total in the two buildings and four bedrooms inside the suites. Both Campus view one and two suites has two one-person and two two-person bedrooms. Within the suites are two bathrooms in which three people share each. Every kitchen within the suites includes a microwave, stove, dishwasher, cabinets, and sinks. There is also a fully furnished living room. The only difference between campus view one and campus view two is the fact that campus view two has a basement. Within the basement of campus view two are games like air hockey, ping pong, a pool table, Foosball, and a mini basketball game. In campus view three there are four floors with 48 suites, and either two or four bedrooms in the suite. Unlike campus view one and two, campus view three only has single-person bedrooms. Campus view three residents do not have the pleasure of having a fully furnished kitchen, but they do have a smaller living space area. The bathrooms in campus view three are much smaller than in campus view one and two, but only two people have to share one bathroom in this building. All rooms in every campus view building are nicely sized; and whether you have a single or double-person room there is enough personal space for every resident.

Here is a video of a virtual tour of campus view one and two and inside the units

All three campus view buildings include electricity, water, heat, and central air. All residents are able to enjoy the community computer labs in each building throughout the dorms. There are also areas in hallways with community study and social space with televisions. There are cameras throughout all hallways and security throughout the dorms to ensure safety of all residents. There is only one main entry point to each building, which opens with campus view student id cards to insure safety of residents. Of course since the dorms are on a college campus there is free wireless internet. There are a few washers and dryers inside the laundry rooms in the dorms which do cost $1. In all dorms there are live-in residence assistants on call from 8 p.m. — 8 a.m. daily. The tuition to live in a single-person bedroom in campus view one and two is $2,750 per semester, but for a double-person room it is $2,100. For a four-bedroom suit in campus view three the cost is $2,550, and if you stay in a two-bedroom dorm the price is $2,700 per semester.

The college dorm life in China is fairly different from here in America, and more specifically at Jackson. In college dorms in China there is an 11 pm curfew, which if you do not make it back in time you will be locked out. Here at Jackson college we have no curfew and can freely walk in and out of our dorms at anytime. Students who reside in dorms in China have to deal with the electricity being turned off at 11 pm also. Just like here at Jackson College alcoholic beverages are not allowed on campuses in China. Small parties are typically thrown in Jackson dorms every weekend, whereas it is impossible to have parties in A dorm in China. Most dorms in China does not let guys and girls got to a room of the opposite sex. All of Jackson's dorms are coed and we can have any gender company inside that we please. Tongji University is one of China's most preeminent universities. Students who reside here barely have any personal space seeing the fact that the rooms are small boxed like. They squeeze up to four people in just one bedroom. Unfortunately for students at this particular university, there are no bathrooms in the bedrooms, no air conditioner, and no kitchens; all of which living in Jackson dorms you could have. On a bright note, to stay in dorms in China is way much cheaper than our room and board here. At Tongji University for instance you only pay $150 a year,whereas we Jackson College dorm residents are paying a few thousand a semester.

An Example of a typical dorm in China

There are a lot of pros and cons to living on campus in Jackson College dorms. The pros of staying here on campus is getting the dorm experience, being away from home, and gaining a sense of independence. By the campus being so small, the walk to your classes, the cafe, library, etc. is such a short walk from your dorm. This is a good thing especially in the winter. You can also have overnight company in the dorms which is great compared to some universities where they don’t even allow overnight company. Another good thing about staying in these dorms are the fact that we have no curfew. In my opinion the prices are very affordable, especially considering the nicely sized apartment styled dorms. No matter if you’re a freshman or upperclassman you can have a car on campus and parking is free. There are many rules you have to abide by for being a resident; which brings me to my first con which is the “childish” rules. For example, we have a “24-hour noise courtesy policy.” Some people don’t like the “dry campus” rule, meaning alcohol is prohibited even if you are of age to drink. Also, if something happens specifically in a suite or a cv building everyone gets punished. Once there was a fight outside campus view one, and the aftermath lead to banning outside guest and other campus view units of interacting with one another. Another con about living in the dorms here is that it can get somewhat “wild”. Plenty of fights always happen and the residents are most of the time very loud and rowdy.

In conclusion, if you are looking forward to staying on campus for affordable price you should definitely choose Jackson College. Being here allows me to grow and mature as an individual. When I finally decide to transfer to another school I know what I like and dislike about the dorms I will be choosing. If you’re reading this, this is just only a glimpse of what the Jackson College dorm life experience is like. If you like small schools, this is the school for you. Would I change my decision about living on this campus? I would not because it is so affordable, spacious, clean, and home-like.

Reasons you may choose to live here at Jackson Colleges dorms.

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