Potential vs. Possibility

When was the last time you surprised yourself?

There have been many tiny little smirks and a nod to me, myself, and I, but the last time I forgot what potential was and “just did it” started March 7, 2011. On that day I acquired 22 restaurants to the already 40+. I would be told one week prior that on day one I would fire every employee under 18 and I would set every single employee at minimum wage and I could not close one door or lose sales. A tsunami would devastate Japan and we missed news coverage. My then “whew!” is shameful.
I can’t get into more details. Aside to say for 28 days straight I would work 12–18 hours and possibly only sleep three hours for days in a row. Cognitive abilities begin to fade not to mention shear exhaustion. A year would pass and there were still those days, but I took half of Sunday’s off. I would not only keep those doors open I would be the 5% of 2200+ restaurants nationwide that produced sales increases over prior year. I would make the decision to climb to the top collect my trophies and then quit.
A lot of who I was and what preconceived ideas of my potential stemmed from what had been done. When I won Circle of Excellence I had no idea I did. It wasn’t my goal. Once the numbers were crunched those were the results. When you fix the foundation the sky is the limit! Sometimes until the clouds clear you don’t even know where you are flying. On the path that aligns with who you truly are there will be times you intersect with helping others and doing the right thing, when this happens potential diminishes and makes way for possibilities.
I can’t find my edges if I’m trusting what I see in the mirror. There’s always going to be different people in this world and I do love that. I just stopped minding what a difference is. The only one I want to know about is the difference you get when you subtract all you ever knew was absolute. Never let a goal be a stop, goals are only checkpoints and a great place to rest and go again.
Here’s to living the life you imagine! Don’t be afraid of the moments that your legs shake and your knees hit the dirt! In another 20 years I’ll look for a softer landing.

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