The “Counselor-In-Training” Bluez

As of recently I have been reading a lot of articles pertaining to counselor wellness and the importance of training counselor education students in regards to wellness prior to obtaining their degree because the potential for burnout is so apparent in this field. Even as a student , “I feel the burn”, so to speak. Counseling education students have many expectations placed upon them while being in a field that creates the vision of a role where the counselor is, helpful, honest, open-minded, resourceful, self-aware, collaborative, & more — as if I can even adjust my attitude when I wake up from only have 5 hours of sleep because of research or homework duties. 🙄

The current research I’ve been working on discusses the hazards of burnout and how likely it is among counselor education students and people in the profession. So the pressure is on from the minute one steps into the counselor program (whether it be school, mental health, or marriage and family). Since last semester, the emotional roller coaster has been in full effect! The abundance of readings (so…. much…. readingggg), the pressure to retain the information, and to actually be able to display characteristics that will be effective in counseling relationships has taken a TOLL on a sister. I find myself often lacking enthusiasm and confidence, cause it’s not as simple as “this is right, and this wrong”. I am challenged everyday to monitor my health and effectiveness . How easy is it, to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re bias or you can’t effectively assist a student because she/he is a reflection of your inner child — countertransference is real for all you counselors in training out there.

In my hopes and dreams to be an effective and efficient advocate, knowledgeable individual & group therapist, researcher of African American male & female groups & culture, and future doctor & author … this is where my wellness will begin (…again). Journaling is something we’ve done since the start of the program as a form of wellness and healthy self-reflection. Starting here, I’m hoping my writing inspires others with my honesty and openness into my identity and life. I also hope I grow as an aspiring author and some of the theoretical thoughts I have come to the light.

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