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Well Jay, if the let have their heads in the sand and the right points their fingers at Muslims - and you suggest that neither is the way to deal with it, then how does one deal with it?

I voted for George Bush but was stopped dead in my tracks when lied and said” “Islam is a religion of peace”! Where in God’s name does he see profitable fruit on the tree of Islam? Common sense (which Trump articulates) shows us that Islam is not a religion but a terrorist organization. But the left cry out that it is only a small percentage that have hijacked the religion. Remember that it was only a “small percentage” that hijacked the German people to flourish into the Nazi Party and capitulate it into a world war.

What is your solution? President Jefferson tried to “talk” to them with reason of why they were commandeering our navel vessels. When they replied that Mohammad and the Koran commands them. Then we responded with a military force and put the issue into the hands of the US Marines- “…to the shores of Tripoli.” That solution worked. Do you think that the solution today would be to go for the jugular and take out their “black box”?

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