No, you’re right, you haven’t called me names. Thank you. But look around. We each have to share responsibility for what’s going on in the Democratic/Liberal/Progressive party. Yes, it’s ugly. On both sides. To Hillary-supporters, I hear you. I do. Now I’d like to make a simple request:

Stop insisting I vote with you because I should be afraid.

I’m not and I won’t. Being afraid is the wrong spirit to win. If we’re going to come together and I grant Hillary my vote, ok, then my vote must count for more than fear. Much more.

I want my vote to count for the things we millions-more are asking for, things we believe have gotten away from the goodness of US, the things Bernie Sanders has been true to his entire career…and I believe in the soul behind Bernie’s things. So please listen. Here’s where I’m at today:

Unfortunately, I don’t yet see compromise oncoming from the DNC. The blatant arrogance or stupidity of that HillaryDWS power move is a serious Fuck You! from the Hillary/DNC camp. And that concerns. At this point, I guess she thinks she doesn’t needs us. Well, that’s not a good sign if we’re looking forward to winning in November, and not just to We-the-Unconverted, you Hillary-ites all know it too and that’s why you’re panicked. I hear you. I get it. Donald Trump.

Before we move on I have to ask you a question about your and possibly-our candidate:

Didn’t that HillaryDWS power move strike you as exactly the kind of corrupted-by-power, winner-take-all attitude that has both parties and our government in stalemate and the country clearly on the brink of fascism?

It does to me. Make no mistake, both sides are using fear to command power in this election. That’s why you’re asking me to vote for Hillary, out of fear of Donald.

I said I won’t. I say we don’t. I want better.

Now you might be shaking your head and saying to yourself “Better than what? We gave you a bunch of the Party Platform. Why can’t you just be satisfied with that? Look what you got in!” You’re right, the Party Platform is awesome, very promising, but let’s be honest, it’s a future bet that, given the recent history and impotence of Congress, is probably just talk that leads to nothing. But thanks, the platform is great. And thanks for your help. It’s all much appreciated.

So what is the one thing I want right now? It’s something that won’t happen for another four years, so it needs to happen right now:

I want reform of the Superdelegate system that pulls you and I out of power in the selection process, where one candidate starts with a lead before any of us get to speak.

Until we can get more control, starting right here then moving to abolish Citizens United (yes, I know it’s part of the Party Platform), the government is going to remain as is, which is seriously fucked up, and we all know it.

So where does all this end up? If they want my vote, Hillary Clinton and the DNC have a choice: more fear or much more. And if they lose to Trump in November, which we all know they might, we will know their choice.

Fear never ends well.