How do you learn new things? I just joined a new company last Thursday and I have a lot of things I should know and understand.

The things I should understand:

  • Infrastructure and architecture of our platform
  • Services we provide to customers
  • Configuration of reverse proxy
  • Monitoring and alarm policy
  • and more…

And the way to understand:

  • draw a picture
  • create a documentation
  • write a code to test

Please let me know if the other way to understand new things.

I like to travel alone for the following reasons.

  • I can decide everything by myself
  • I can think something by myself

When I left Japan, I only took a round trip ticket and reservation the hotel for first 2 days.

Last week, I went to Europe alone. It’s first time for me to go overseas by myself. When I left Japan, I only took a round trip ticket and reservation the hotel for first 2 days. I had a little anxiety, but I had a very good experience.

In this travel, I spoke English a lot. People I met were very kind. I talked with them at restaurants, hotels, trains, bars, and shops.

I’m not good at English, but I can communicate with foreigners. I’ll continue learning English and I want to go overseas again.

I log on a system of Human Management at Quipper today. This page tells me to work at 21, Jun. I’m excited to work at Quipper, and I feel anxiety. This site describes English at all, so I will study English hard.

I have checked my English by my friend, Yumi is studying English in Ireland. I want to check by myself before she does, I find a service that is “Ginger”. ( I use this to check this sentence.

I decide that I write four texts by English June. This text is first. I’ll keep on trying!

— -


I’m going to work at Quipper since 21, July. Quipper is a global company. It’s common to use English in the company.

Today, I sent message in English to my friend, and she corrected my message! I wrote below it.

my message

Recently, I go to new office to study. My desk next to non-Japanese people. Yesterday, my boss introduce her to me. She is web developper. She was in London office, and she move to Japan last year. She organize ‘Quipper developper conference’ (it’s tech-conference. developper show the presentation about technical issue for growing team), so she could ask me presentation…

Takeshi Kondo

Site Reliability Engineer at Quipper

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