Check my English by myself

Takeshi Kondo
Jun 5, 2018 · 1 min read

I log on a system of Human Management at Quipper today. This page tells me to work at 21, Jun. I’m excited to work at Quipper, and I feel anxiety. This site describes English at all, so I will study English hard.

I have checked my English by my friend, Yumi is studying English in Ireland. I want to check by myself before she does, I find a service that is “Ginger”. ( I use this to check this sentence.

I decide that I write four texts by English June. This text is first. I’ll keep on trying!

— -

(added on 8, Jun)

She checked my English and sent the text to me.

I logged on the Human Management system of Quipper today. It’s like a site for employees. According to the site, I start to work since 21th June. I’m excited to work there but I feel anxiety as well. This site is written in English so I will study hard.
I let Yumi check my English, she is my friend and studying English in Ireland. I want to check it by myself before she dose. I found the service called “Ginger” I use this to check my English.
I decided that I write four blogs in English untill the end of June. This post is the first one. I will keep trying!


  • Past or present tense
  • Some expressions

Accoding to

let A verb B

  • Add words

It’s like a site for employees

as well

blog and post

Thank you for your support.

Takeshi Kondo

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Site Reliability Engineer at Quipper