I didn’t know there was an upside to grief until I came out on the other side.

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I’ve always found comfort and freedom between the covers of a good book. Growing up in a home where there was always a strong feeling of scarcity, the local library was a glittering sanctuary for me— a place brimming with adventure, knowledge, and warmth — and my little self hungered for those trips. They fed the creative spirit inside me, helping it grow by showing me what was possible in the world and who I could be.

My ten-year-old self would spend all of my library time trying to find books of plays, which we could do with just two…

Losing my mother to cancer during the pandemic

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“Something big is about to happen,” she says to me over the phone. Her voice is wet with the tears that she won’t let herself cry as she tries to keep it together. She takes a breath, clears her throat, her voice determined as she says, “I’m giving myself two weeks. Not that I’m giving up.”

The pause just lingers as I mumble affirmations. I know what you mean, mom. That makes perfect sense, mom. Talking to your mother must have been really intense, mom. Your feelings are valid, mom, you don’t need to apologize.

And yes, I wish I…

Healing from an unseen injury, one day at a time

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It’s New Year’s Eve and we’re skating at the local roller rink. There’s a good DJ today, the floor’s a bit slick, and there are dozens kids clomping across the floor in starter skates and PVC-walkers on wheels. It’s the last day of vacation before New Year’s Day and then it’s back to work we go, so I’m enjoying this last bit of downtime with my family before getting back to real life.

We’re an hour in, and I take a crossover just a little too deep. Before I know it, my wheels fly out from underneath me and I…

How change opened my mind and saved my life

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I started doing positive affirmations about a month ago. Positive affirmations are an interesting concept — essentially how it works is that you say a phrase to yourself every day (or multiple times a day) focused on some key idea, and by repeating this phrase you can gradually influence the way that your brain is wired to manifest this idea in your life.

This concept makes sense to me because I see the value in repetition every day. For example, I have a kiddo who is trying to memorize math facts — multiplication and division through twelve. By having these…

Annie Verity

I’m a writer, storyteller, and human. The only way to de-stigmatize something is to bring it into the light.

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