Latest News from the HeForShe National Launch in Nigeria

HeForShe National launch in Nigeria

Under the leadership of the Federal Ministry of Women’s Affairs & Social Development in Nigeria, and with the technical and financial support of UN Women, a Technical Working Group has been been officiated last November, to guide, direct and implement the various steps leading to the national launch of the “HeForShe” global initiative and advocacy and campaign action in Nigeria during the first quarter of 2017. The communications, advocacy and visibility component of the UN Women led project, “Emergency assistance to internally displaced women and girls and survivors of the Boko Haram terrorism attacks in Nigeria”, seeks to create awareness on gender-based violence issues, through the targeting of 20,000 people, especially men and boys from the internally displaced populations and host communities, including local political and religious leaders. The overall objective in launching the “HeForShe” advocacy campaign action in Nigeria is to create a platform for high level, accessible and visible public advocacy on the engagement of men and boys for building greater support to the internally displaced women and girls survivors of the Boko Haram terrorism attacks and threats, as well women and girls who are survivors of gender based violence and other forms of violation of their basic human rights.

Latest News November-December 2016

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs inaugurates the first meeting of the Technical Working Group for the HeForShe Launch in Nigeria

The first meeting of the Technical Working Group (TWG) for the HeForShe National Campaign launch in Nigeria was inaugurated on November 17 2016, by Ms. Phyllis O. Nwokedi, Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Social Development, in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory on the premises of the Ministry. Ms Aliu Annetu-Ann, Chair of the TWG and Director of Women and Gender Affairs (Ministry of Women’s Affairs & Social Development), introduced the HeForShe campaign as a global initiative by UN Women with the objective to change discriminatory behaviors, through building awareness on the importance of gender equality, and to provide a platform for men and boys to become advocates for women and girls. “We have a great opportunity at this very moment through the prospective launch of the HeForShe in Nigeria to promote our common agenda countrywide for advancing women and girls rights, and by bringing on board men and boys as agents of change“ she said;

“You have UN Women’s full support” affirms UN Women Representative to Nigeria & ECOWAS at second TWG meeting

The 2nd meeting of the Technical Working Group for the national launch of the HeForShe campaign in Nigeria was held on December 14 2016, at Rock View Classic hotel, in Abuja, Nigeria. Acting UN Women Representative to Nigeria and ECOWAS (Economic Commission for West African States), Ms. Adjaratou F. Ndiaye, reiterated UN Women’s full support to the government of Nigeria and congratulated the initiative for launching the HeForShe advocacy platform in Nigeria. “ You have UN Women’s full support” she affirmed, emphasizing on the important leadership role of Nigeria as the African continent’s largest country and how it’s contribution to the campaign will further the goals of engaging a greater number of male individuals, groups and organizations in harnessing the promise of society where all men, women, boys and girls will equally enjoy their basic human rights without discrimination and/or violence. “ Everything in Nigeria happens in a big way, because Nigeria is such a big country. We believe that the HeForShe campaign in Nigeria can have an equally large impact” she concluded.

“We want to make men passionate and equal partners about women and gender issues. Yes we can!”

Ms Adekemi Ndieli, National programme officer at UN Women’s bureau in Nigeria, presented the HeForShe global initiative and the context of the launch in Nigeria. “Yes, we can! in Nigeria!“ she said, emphasizing on these words throughout her technical presentation, while explaining that several African countries have held successful launches across the continent and equally successful outreach and campaign activities in upholding the advocacy, awareness raising and action driven goals outlined in the HeForSheglobal initiative. “If we don’t look closely at the role of men and boys and bring them on board as equal partners, we will miss anincredible opportunity” she concluded. About 30 participants attended the second meeting of the TWG from various sectors including civil society, activists and youth groups. Key technical discussions focused on defining the overall framework of the platform for action for the national launch and beyond, as well as identifying the main drivers for the actions to be undertaken before the launch, on the day of the launch and following the launch.