The Intellectual Yet Idiot
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

You chose not to allow responses to be shown. Congratulations on being a coward. You knew that if you had allowed comments that you would have been called out on your baseless claims. You clearly don’t understand the Scientific Method, and you conflate science with the acts of politicians bought by major corporations. For example, the reason fat was demonized was because of a conflict of interest between the scientists publishing the articles and the sugar industry.

That’s just one example. You cannot conflate science with how it is applied. Science is a tool — and like any other tool, can be used for good or evil. The so called IYI you describe knows what is going on, but is cynical for good reason. They don’t put skin in the game until a movement has started. In order for a movement to start, there must be a reason to get people out of their comfort zone — such as by pointing out these problems. As for government, it would be better to remove conflicts of interest and corruption than to dismantle it. I want regulations because I want people who know about health and science to protect society.

You are basically criticizing people for pointing out the flaws in society. Obviously, some of the IYI point out things that are subjective, but I would say even in those cases they are fighting against worse subjective claims (often those by religion). Please, next time you want to criticize a group of people, allow for comments. Otherwise, you just look like a coward who can dish it but can’t take it.