What is this function in Chat&Earn project?

Simply put, you can stake your tokens and receive passive income rather than hold them in your wallet. In C2E case, you also get impressive APR, which is an excellent addon to the existing ecosystem.

An essential advantage of staking is that it completely replaces mining. Users can earn money on cryptocurrency without using specialized equipment.

Chat&Earn also has a similar feature. This function will allow our users to show much more interest in the project.

Initial Staking Treasury is 275.000 C2E or 27.5 of Max.Supply.
Staking Treasury is going to be refilled by:

*information from whitepapper Chat&Earn

Multiple investment pools with one constant pool and other promotional ones.

Max. APR = 5000%
Promotional pools are required a whitelist entry. There are several methods of how users can become whitelisted for participating in such pools.

Example of how to get whitelisted #1
Users can mint a raffle board and spin the lucky wheel to win one of the Cash Prizes or get a whitelist spot.

Example of how to get whitelisted #2
Participate in community events and AMA sessions, refer friends to the project & much more!

You will be amazed at what ideas and innovations appear in the cryptocurrency world. But your life will only improve by absorbing and using new information. We will try to implement all the latest technologies for the convenience of our users! Thank you for your attention!



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Chat & Earn is the first Social project with the C2E concept made on BSC network.