3 Best uses for Chatbots

What is a chatbot

Before we look at the best uses for a chatbot let’s first and foremost establish what a chatbot is. Simply put, a chatbot is a computer program that can form text or voice based conversations with humans. Recent advancements in natural language processing have made it possible for chatbots to hold longer, deeper and more natural conversations with humans. Hundreds of thousands of chatbots already exist and have already been deployed on various platforms including Messenger, Telegram, Kik and Slack. Below is a list of 3 of some of the best uses for chatbos. Using chatbots and incorporating them into your everyday life can save you a lot of time and help you become more efficient and generally more informed.

  1. Accessing real time information (news, weather & sport updates)

Chatbots are great for accessing real time information. Messenger Chatbots especially on messenger can be told to give you daily weather updates or daily news updates by simply asking it to do so. Voice assistants such as Alexa can help you get news updates and weather updates all hands free so you’ll be able to receive this real time information when your busy brushing your teeth or doing some ironing as you rush to get to work in the morning.

2. Customer support

As part of a trial run, some companies such as Spotify, Evernote and AirBnb started using chatbots on Twitter to provide 24/7 customer service. The ultimate goal of these intelligent chat assistants is to quickly resolve, acknowledge and tend to user complains and issues. They can also be used to track and get regular updates about the status of an order. We may still be a few years away, but chatbots also have the potential to automate customer support. Well trained chatbots will be able to accurately answer customer questions and resolve customer queries 24/7 with very low operational costs. The cost of automating customer support segments in companies using chatbots is unparalleled. The operational costs of running a chatbot are considerably cheaper than outsourcing support agents in countries where salaries are a lot lower.

3. Personal assistants

Chatbots have the potential to be helpful personal assistants. Take x.ai for instance. This chatbot simply asks you when you’d like to schedule a meeting and then add an appointment to your calendar based on when you’re free and when the other people in the meeting is also free. But x.ai goes beyond that, the chat assistant finds the optimal time and place for the meeting. It schedules these meetings with all the parties on your behalf. It’s more efficient at doing the tasks than a human would be. There are many other use cases for chatbots being personal assistants. Chatbots will also assist you in your legal cases. Robot laywer, DoNotPay has managed to overturn 160,000 parking fines.

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