4 Surprising Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Chatbots

What is a chatbot ?

A chatbot on a messaging platform is simply a computer program that can have text based conversations with humans. The chatbots currently on messenger and other messaging platform follow a set of pre programmed rules that allow it to respond to user queries and questions.

1. 80 % of business executives already use chatbots or intend to use chatbots by 2020

It seems that now more than ever business executives are starting to realise how beneficial chatbots may be for their companies and brands. A survey conducted by Oracle taken by 800 executives (chief operating officers, chief marketing officers and chief strategy officers) found that 80% of them were either already using chatbots or plan to use chatbots in their business efforts by the year 2020.

2. Chatbots will change the way companies do business and interact with their customers

Customers will start using chatbots to interact with companies and brands. Customers will depend on chatbots for trivial things like ordering pizza or even more sophisticated things like asking for legal advice. There are chatbots that reside on the messenger platform that even offer financial advice.

3. Chatbots could be indistinguishable from humans in just over 10 years time

Recent advancements in natural language processing means that chatbots are getting better and better at answering questions and having conversations with humans. With the sheer amount of time and money that is going into developing chatbots, Kursweil (a Google engineer) claims that chatbots will be able to have human level language abilities by 2029. This means that users will not be able to tell whether or not they were talking to a human or a bot.

4. Apple have secretly unveiled business chat or chatbots for iMessage

Apple have one of the largest messaging platform in the west, with just over a billion users, with this in mind it would make sense for Apple to deploy chabots on their services. According to Apple they want to connect businesses with their customers through imessage. So that customers can engage with brands in a personal and natural way. Customers will also have the option to pay for products straight through imessage. As of 2017, Apple have opened up imessage so that developers can start deploying chatbots onto its messaging platform.

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