Why I Joined Chatbox

I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer. I’ve certainly scribbled my fair share of bold (and crazy) business ideas on cocktail napkins over the years. So, I tend to appreciate big thinking from others. When Chatbox founder Phil Gordon sat at my dining room table a little more than a year ago to show me the early platform, it was clear his team was working on a hard problem. He showed me hundreds of tweets that afternoon and each followed a similarly dramatic script: an exasperated customer pings a tone-deaf brand and sparks fly. Unfortunately, some of the tweets hit very close to home for me. They were directed at teams I helped build and lead at companies like Ticketmaster, Expedia, and most recently at LivingSocial.

Phil and his Chatbox team had a plan to make it all better. They’d already built a really unique Twitter-to-Chat solution for social customer care, and this was just one part of a broader and more transformative platform and vision that allowed people to talk to businesses over SMS, social, and chat. That day, in my dining room, as Phil presented an early version of Chatbox, I remember thinking, “well, finally…here’s a real example of a business built on the Bezos credo of ‘start with the customer and work backwards.’” This team was working on an important consumer problem at a very good time. Slack’s collaboration software was just taking hold at LivingSocial within our Engineering and Product teams. A B2C vision of something similar made perfect sense.

It turns out that a really big idea is magnetic. Last week, I joined with Phil and the imaginative team at Chatbox to accelerate this idea. I could not be more thrilled. Chatbox is poised to transform how businesses sell and service their customers — and customers can’t wait. Consumers challenge brands everyday to hurry up and meet them where they are — on social, mobile, and text. Digital communication is increasingly about messaging, but brands are struggling to keep up. Our platform is coming along at just the right time. Businesses will use Chatbox to message and engage their customers in ways I can’t even imagine today.

We’re excited about Chatbox and the future of customer communications. We look forward to working with you.

Doug Miller
Chatbox CEO