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Following the launch of the Grand Tour Cranksets the following pieces appeared in the cycling media. These included:

The Radavist: A Look at Chater Lea’s New 1x and 2x Cranks (July 21st, 2020)

BikeRumour: Chater-Lea Grand Tour Crankset lends classic British style to modern 1x & sub-compact gearing (July 22nd, 2020) Chater-Lea release first chainsets since the early 1960s with new sub-compact Grand Tour model (July 22nd, 2020)

CycleExif: Ringing in a New Dawn: Chater-Lea Grand Tour Cranksets (July 22nd, 2020)

BikeBiz: Chater-Lea launches first new cranksets in over 50 years (July 23rd, 2020)

Thewashingmachinepost: Art Deco (July 23rd, 2020)

Capo Velo: Chater-Lea Flaunts New Bespoke Grand Tour Cranksets (July 24th, 2020)

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I am sure that you, just like we, have found long periods of time over recent months to feel like an endless replay of Groundhog Day. We saw our various deadlines come and go, our launch events cancelled, and our partners seriously affected by the pandemic. Throughout, we have tried to remain positive and practice equanimity. On the bright side, we have had time to further refine our upcoming products and to go the extra mile so we can have everything just where we want it.

We are therefore delighted to announce the launch of our new Grand Tour Cranksets. Over 15 months in the making, we hope you will find them worth waiting for — not least since Chater-Lea last released a new crankset in the early 1960s. …

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One of the most interesting things that comes with experience (aging!) is a much greater understanding of the concept of impermanence. …


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