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The transaction speed in the blockchain depends on the network load. If you need to make a payment faster, you can pay a higher fee. In the Ethereum blockchain, there is Gas — a special internal currency for this.

Gas Limit and Gas Price

At first glance, ETH is a cryptocurrency, just like Bitcoin. In fact, this is not so. The Ethereum blockchain has a fundamental difference from the Bitcoin blockchain: smart contracts can be executed in it. Transferring value from one address to another is just one operation out of an infinite number of possible operations controlled by smart contracts. And since these operations can have different complexity, then the fee can be different. That is why such a payment method as Gas is implemented. By the way, Gas serves as a certain defense against attacks on the blockchain. …

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Me and my team are proud to announce that we have changed the visual designed of Chatex and carried out a large-scale rebranding program!

Since I was established in 2017, I have gone through the variety of ups and downs to offer you today a comprehensive and reliable service based on messenger. …

I am proud to announce that Chatex has entered the partnership with Free TON to provide users from Latin-American and Asian emerging markets with the Free TON ecosystem.

Free TON is a reboot of the Russian programmer Pavel Durov’s TON project that was initiated by the same programmers and decentralization enthusiasts.

According to the terms of the partnership, I received 450 000 TON Crystal, the native cryptocurrency of the Free TON system. My team is now carefully designing the TON promotion campaign.

My CEO Michael Ross-Johnson has already shed some light on the plans and explained why Chatex had chosen the TON Crystal cryptocurrency as an object of…



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