Why I Choose to Be a Freelancer

My Carrier Start around 2010 as a local freelancer, from 2010 -now. I involved different projects most of these projects are web based systems for local customers. and some others are technical solutions for the manufacturing industries.

few Days back, i’m just surfing the internet and i found the TopTal. Then I read reviews, Blogs etc.. about TopTal, and I decided to looking for opportunity.

My favorite programming languages are, php and java script, I work with frameworks such as laravel, Codeignitor ,Angular and Node.js with express and I also Good with css, scss ,HTML5 and ionic framework.

Recently I have been involved with two big projects, one is the Hotel contract manage project, which is provide users to view available contracts with Hotel names, contract periods, rates, available rooms etc… and also provide users to Add Update, Hotel Details. In this project, I work on front -end. It is help me to refresh my knowledge, and the second project was a social network platform for the universities, In that project I work on front-end and back-end as well. The back-end was developed in PHP with Larave, and front end was developed in angular framework, In that project I was work on Asynchronous Chat module.

Here I mention why I choose to be a freelancer

No Bosses :- I not say, work under a Boss is worst. But, there are peoples who are not take any responsibilities, but he/she is the boss. If he hasn’t good understand about the current situation, every thing gone wired.

Keep in Update :- In my freelance career, I’v been involved different projects. my main challenge is manage modules, and codes, so that I keen to learn different technologies, apply those and test those.

Accept or reject :- If I feel the client has no idea about what actually want, I kindly reject that opportunity. because, It’s Start with something and end with something else.

Be Proud yourself :- I can be proud my self, when I look back in my past. I learned many thing rather than development. when I deliver a success product, the clients reputations bring me pleasure.

Become a freelance is the best choice. But that not easy, be patient, be a good listener, need a good analytical mind, work hard (don’t get too much stress) be a responsible person,Note down every mistake , do some researches. reach to the top step by step.

I have been registered in the TopTal, now I’m waiting for the Interview, to become a member of the Web Community I like to share my knowledge with others and, keen to learn new technologies. looking for good clients. I also recommend TopTal to people, who want be good developer. this is the place.

Wish me Luck.

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