photo credit: Volkan Olmez

To Be or Not To Be… That is Overthinking

The only cure is to let go…

Overthinking occurs in the absence of proof that something is or isn’t… 
Is or isn’t there. Is or isn’t happening. Is or isn’t true… etc. etc.

We need answers or direction or closure and when we don’t get it from the source(s) we need it from, we “make it up” so we can try to make a decision that will transition us from the current phase to the next.

We desperately don’t want to get it wrong so we analyze… we brood… we rehearse scenarios while we wait for (and hope for) the proof to show up before we take a chance… make a mistake… and/or miss our window of opportunity.

The only cure for overthinking is to let go.

Say yes. 
Say no. 
Hit delete. 
Say goodbye. 
Click publish. 
Press send. 
Let… Go.


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