Is the Series Medium’s Most Neglected Feature?
Joe Váradi

I Reluctantly Kicked Medium Series to the Curb!

First, thank you for including me in this conversation. I really did think I was the only one who felt this way about the Medium Series feature.

Just a few days ago, I got a notification that one of my favorite writers, Christopher Daniels (Notorious DCI), created (or maybe updated) a Series and, honestly, I thought they had dumped the feature until that happened! I read it, I loved it, I clapped wildly for it, and I closed it wishing I could actually TELL him that was the coolest thing I’d read in a long time.

I loved the Series feature for all the positive reasons you stated and hated it for all the negative reasons, too. I mean… you could only view Series from your mobile device, right? So why did Medium remove the Series menu from the app? Like you said, we have no way of finding them unless we are following people who write them and we are notified when they create or update them. To add insult to injury, we can’t discover new ones OR continue the ones we were in the middle of (should we happen to ignore or delete an in-app notification).

I ended up deleting my Series.

It was a painful decision but I saw no point in continuing to update or create new stories that nobody was going to be able to find or read. Yes, I know as a writer I should write for myself… but that’s what a journal is for, right?

A year later, I personally have seen no improvement. Maybe if I could FIND the Series part of Medium, I would know if things are better and more user friendly.

If Medium Staff would be willing to make the changes you suggest, I’d be willing to resume creating them. For now, I will assume it’s a lost cause. Medium is like “Meh… it’s there if you want to use it, but (shrug) we don’t care.” Kinda like how Google is with GooglePlus.

(sigh) Oh well… off to click your profile, Joe Váradi, so I can read your Series. If you see some new claps, that was me! :)