Read Me, Seymour

If you write it, they will read…

Just like everyone else who writes on Medium, I want my work to be read. Not viewedread… all the way to the end. Especially after recently learning that that it’s the “READ” statistic that counts the most here. If who ever views your work doesn’t read the whole thing… in the grand scheme of all things Medium… the click is sort of moot. Just sort of.

Wait a minute… Views don’t mean shit?

A sticky lil wicket that nugget of information is! Anybody besides me find that to be a bit of a crushing blow? Especially since 90% of my work is under 5 minutes reading time. This can definitely rattle a seasoned writer’s confidence but just imagine how devastating it can be for someone who is just mustering up the courage to press publish for the first time! To pour heart and soul into a 2-minute piece that 60% of the people who viewed it couldn’t read until the end!
Two. F-ing. Minutes.
Three words… Ignorance was bliss!

I came very close to saying “screw this, man!”

My thoughts… Why publish my writing here when it is clear it obviously sucks? I’m testing gag-reflexes within the first sixty seconds so why bother?

Because I need to write. And given the alternatives, Medium is the best place for me to do it. (for now, anyway.)

It stings tho… it really does. I know you know it too because you have done just what I am doing right now… writing about it on Medium. (I read yours and now you’re reading mine. #Winning)

Okay… okay… A pathetic attempt to make us both feel better about this, I know. We’ve all read the “pep-talk” posts about writing for ourselves… yadda yadda yadda… but the truth is because there is so much of “US” in our writing, our self-worth is tied to it. Surgically fused with it and nearly impossible to separate. Impossible not to feel that it’s not just that 2-minute post that sucks… I suck too.
Good thing that feeling doesn’t last too long or I’d never write another word… and by extension, be a very unpleasant person to be around.

Goonies never say die!

If you’re too young to understand what that means, the translation is I’m no quitter! And neither are you!

You’re hungry for readers? Ok… Then WRITE!
Oh you have, have you? Yeah me too, but apparently not enough.
Write MORE!

Bottom line is… in order to be read here… we have to write here.
It’s that simple. Statistics be damned!

We’re going to stop letting the little numbers on a handful of posts discourage us. Just keep writing and pressing that publish button no matter what!

We’re going to stop second guessing our work. We wrote it for a reason and with the intention of sharing it with the world. Do it! That in itself means it is worth it!

Our value and our work’s value only diminishes if we stop writing.

No more senseless, time-sucking worry about if anyone will read it. Someone will. But that someone (let alone many someones) can’t read it if IT isn’t there to be read!

We have to keep writing here. This space was created for us so that we can. And this is just the beginning…

If you made it to the end of this post, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you enjoyed it and will consider giving it a little green heart. There’s more creative, clever, candid, and heavily caffeinated ramblings where this came from. Follow along… it will be fun :)

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