The half-moon and her sky

The moon reveals only half tonight
Lighting up the entire sky with her might
Alone in this home, alone in the park
I wonder and I wander in the dark

Tagore said, if none responds to your call
Speak your heart alone and keep walking tall
Kipling said, treat both success and disasters
without joy or grief, like impostors

Happiness never made a poet
Like all great things, she thought
to keep memories alive, we must part
like the moon, half lit tonight is the heart

The sky doesn’t fall when the moon is half
Men will raise eyes even when the moon hides
Hearts appear in the same cycle as love
From the full heart to the new heart, with tides

I walk across the canal, I see the ducks
The swans, I see no more, maybe she took them
The ducks are grey and dark, like life’s tricks
The swans are dazzling white like a dream

The moon is half today, another half to go
I wait for life to tell me which way to follow
Life has shown me the full moon before
Heart is scared to see the new moon now

I tell myself if the sky keeps shining with the stars,
even when the moon goes in hiding for her fears.
Why can’t my heart keep shining with the wars,
I have won with the same heart for years!