All In — JUMP

A sweet new beginning

A chaos of beauty

It’s Stillness of heart

Which can only be found in the center of life

The circular Enso which wraps you to me

The Center where you continue to exist in my dreams

In every moment of my waking life

And through every bit of hope to pain and dark to light

You exist as all the Light I see for a better world

From West Coast to East

The manifestation of the soft spots I cover myself with each night

Listening to the moonlight — following it into your Sunlight

The ocean you are — the current I jump into

All in.

The way you kill all momentary distractions and without a single word fill me with all your gravity

And all the commotion that was there between us, from January till now, has been replaced with this beautiful transcendence to a more hopeful, a more progressive, a more free devotion

To this space

To all the possibilities that the future holds

To this focus of light

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