There will be relationships in your life that you will meet time and time again. They will appear in many forms, but there to teach the same lesson. The lesson of compassionate awareness-asking you to be both the teacher and the student. The choice to listen will always be yours…

Those secrets of yours in them

As you experience each moment of this life, each part of each other, you will see yourself in that land of theirs, where you first felt their presence. You will see yourself smiling once again, as you were first touched by their essence, when the winds blowing through the leaves whispered about them in your ears. You will remember them laying beside you, running the night with you, rediscovering all of life’s heartfelt treasures, feeling that they were always going to be running along with you. You’ll find your memories time and time again in them, and these will be the moments that you will like to live with them once again. There will always be places where you go alone, but you’ll still want them to come along. There will always be the choice to allow the experience to flow and just cherish the beautiful part of belonging to nowhere but to each other

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