Lecture 5 & 6 Plus Interviews

When initially deciding on a platform to build on, I thought Mobile + Beacon would be a neat feature that could benefit both the local farmers and individuals buying meat. By having the beacon feature it would allow farmers and the buyer to have transparency in regards to what was on the farm and what was being slaughtered at the time. Digging further into it, I felt that this was more V2 feature as opposed to an MVP. It might be hard initially convince farmers to buy beacons to track their livestock and having a universal hub to upload that data would all be too complicated at first. I realized that there wasn’t really any apps around to showcase what farmers were selling and that everything was dedicated to using a website. So I decided to create my project on a mobile platform.

Three Use Case for Buying Local Meat

  1. Shoppers who are tied to their mobile device who want to purchase locally sourced meat
  2. Farmers wanting to connect with buyers to sell their product
  3. Sustainable shopper who supports buying local

Click on App → About us blurb and information on what the app is→ Interactive catalog of animal available → select on the animal you want → Diagram of the animal and specific cuts → Inquiry into pricing of different cuts → select the cut & quantity → Option to create profile for ease of future orders or skip to checkout → Provide information → Confirmation → Tracking Details.

Features Lists

Highlighted in yellow are what I consider to be my MVP features. The blue are my V2 features.


  1. Rosanne

Q1) What do you know about buying locally sourced meat?
 I’ve only purchased local meat a few time from Steveston Farm in Richmond. I always travel to the farm and make my purchases.

Q2)Is there a way to view whats available ahead of time at the farm or make purchases online?
They have a website I believe but I remember it being confusing so I always call ahead of time and ask whats available. I don’t think you can make purchases online though.

Q3) Did you see the livestock alive before making the purchase?
Everything was butchered already and I just purchased what I needed.

Q4) Did you know the time frame of when the livestock was slaughtered to when it was packaged?
Yes, the farmer provided the information. Everything was generally fresh or within a day from when it was slaughtered.

Q5) I know you said the website was confusing but if there was an app to purchase locally sourced meat online and have it delivered to your doorstep, would that be something of interest to you?

Q6) What features on the app are a must for you?
Just need an app that shows information on the farm, pictures and description of the animal and type of cuts you can purchase.

Q7) How about when you checkout and make the purchase, what information would you need/want?
Just need to make sure its secure when I enter my information and tracking information afterwards so I know when to be home for delivery.

2. Maruf

Q1) Can you please tell me what you know about buying local meat?
Just that the meat you purchase is coming from directly a local farm.

Q2) Do you buy local meat?
I buy both online from a farm in Newmarket (Ontario) and from the grocery stores.

Q3) How come you purchase from both sources?
I only eat Halal so I only go to shops that sell Halal meat. On special occasions, I will drive from Toronto to the farm in Newmarket and purchase meat from their farm as they are the only farm that I know of that sells Halal.

Q4) Are you not able to make online purchases from the farm and have the product delivered?
Unfortunately, no that is not an option.

Q5) Would a mobile app intrigue you? Where you can make purchases directly and have the item courier to you?
Definitely, I would be making more purchases if I could view what farms are around me that cater to halal options.

Q7) So what features would you want in an app?
I’m easy going, as long as I can view what’s available, have the options for halal and delivery.

Q8) Do you care for information on the farm and on how they are raising the animals?
Yes of course that would be an important feature to have.

Q9) Lastly, any other features you can think of that you would like to see on an app?
Not that I can think on the top of my head. As long its simple and easy to use.

3. Jason

Q1) What do you know about buy meat locally?
Not too much, just when the local farmers market is open is when you can purchase local meat.

Q2) There are local farms in the greater Vancouver area that sell local meat and some have the option for delivery. Is that something that would interest you?
Not really, I have the grocery store down the street and everything is within walking distance.

Q3) Are not worried about how you animal was raised or what is fed.
Not really, I just make sure to buy meat that states no hormones were used.

Q4) For the sake or argument, let’s say you were interested in buying locally. What mobile app features would you want for buying local meat?
I guess, just information on the product and list of whats available. I’m pretty unfamiliar with buying local- so background info would be good . I’m always on the go so I would need to make sure I can choose the day and time for delivery.

Q5) Anything else you can think of?
No I think that’s all I can come up with.

4. Linda

Q1) What do you know about buying meat locally? 
Its more sustainable for the environment, it supports the local community and overall you get better product. You pay for what you get.

Q2) So do you buy local?
I try to as much as I can since I had my daughter. Maybe I am being biased but since we moved to Seattle from BC we realized that in USA lot of the meat contains a lot of hormones and little to no information. It seems that it isn’t as regulated as Canada. We want to make sure we know what we are putting in our bodies especially for our daughter.

Q5) How do you buy meat locally?
We first browse a few websites and see what the farms in the general area have in stock. We then go visit the farm that we would like to purchase product from.

Q6) Do any of the websites have an option to make purchases online?
Yes some do.

Q7) Are there options for delivery?
Yes and also options to pick-up from the farm iteself.

Q10) What problems do run into buying local?
The amount of meat you have to buy, its a hassle to store and also trying to find information on when product is going to available.

Q11) If a mobile app was to be developed what features would you want?
A mobile app would be great- I would want information on the farm, information on the animal itself- age, how its raised and what its fed, list of animals available and future ETAs of when new items are available or in app notification of what will be available in the future.

Q12) Any features you would like to see when selecting the type of animal?
Just to be able to select certain type of cuts and to be able to select the quantity and not be forced to buy a certain amount.

Q12) What about checkout features?
Options to either pick up the product or have it delivered and to be able to track the item so I can be home for delivery.

Q12) Any other features you can think of ?
Nothing else at the moment.

5. Steve

Q1) What do you know about buying local meat?
I buy local meat for my restaurant for daily features. It supports the community and I always seem to get the best product as opposed buying from corporate chains.

Q2) How do you buy meat locally?
I make purchases online at Sumas Farms in Abbotsford and I will go pick up the item.

Q3) Do you ever run into any issues when buying online?
No its great, I was fortunate enough to find Sumas because I was looking around all over the place for a farm that sells by the cut and not a whole share. As well, I can when placing my order online- I can either select the item to be picked up or deliver and payment is only made when I receive the product. So I know eactly what I am paying for.

Q5) Would a mobile app for buying meat online interest you?
Actually it would be great, my chef and I usually make the decision for the next days feature at the restaurant. I don’t have an office and Sumas Farms website isn’t too mobile friendly so I’ll have to make the purchase when I get home. And then there will be times where the meat we require for the feature isn’t available.

Q5) What features for a mobile app would you want?
My chef & I very particular in what type of meat we cook so we need an app to show information on the farm, how the animal was raised, the product the animals are fed and as well be able to select cuts and not buy shares. Also daily updates of new product would be a bonus.

Q6) What about checkout & delivery options?
I still want to be able to drive out to the farms and interact with the farmers so I would need to have the option to pick up the product. There are times though when I can’t pick up the item and it was be nice to have expedited delivery.

Q7) Anything else that may come to mind?
Nothing at all.