Alpha Blockchain Forms Partnerships With Blocklime and Asia Blockchain Review

Today, we are delighted to announce our partnerships with Blocklime and Asia Blockchain Review. Allan Ta — Founder, Alpha Blockchain — stated, “This new cooperation aims at increasing blockchain training and development while expanding our presence in Malaysia”. The partnership hopes to significantly accelerate the evolution of blockchain in the country.

Alpha Blockchain is poised to bring our knowledge and skill-sets to the blockchain industry in Malaysia. We dedicate ourselves to being a blockchain services provider and promoting the use of this cutting-edge technology to build interworking communities in Malaysia and beyond. Blockchain in Malaysia is an emerging technology with launching projects of few local founders. The Malaysian government believes that blockchain technology will not only help boost its economy but will also help to streamline the Islamic finance sector.

Blockchain will have a significant impact on many sectors that Malaysia is looking for. Blockchain technology will drive the companies to produce more sustainable results and automate the contractual process, which will allow banks to cut costs and pass savings onto the end customers.

Blocklime is a playground for curious minds to collaborate, brainstorm, and build. Coming from diverse backgrounds, Blocklime works together toward building new and innovative blockchain solutions. Asia Blockchain Review is a marketing agency focused on South East Asia. They help enable customers to launch new products and services by providing blockchain solutions to digitize assets, launch markets, and reduce operational costs.

Alpha Blockchain is a leading global blockchain investment, development, and advisory services firm focusing on facilitating businesses with next generation applications using blockchain enabled technology.