All In One Social (AIOS) BlockChain Based Social Media Platform | How It Can Help Freelancers | ICO Crowd Sale Is Coming Live !!

Freelancers are those people work hard in many domains as per their skill sets from their home. They can even work part time after their main office hours job. Freelancers work efficiently on many platforms available online but many times they don’t get paid enough for their services. There are many reasons of it like high services charges, high sign-up cost and high commission rate.

With the inception of Internet, social media platforms are on rise and each person has a significant presence on social media platforms nowadays. So why shouldn’t we use this presence for selling goods and services to the worldwide audience while building community and sharing life experiences.

AIOS works by allowing users to set-up a free account on AIOS platform and make contacts within the platform. They can showcase their business, profession, skills, expertise, experience, talent on their personal profile and use offers those products and services to the AIOS’s users in return of money which will be paid in form of AIOS in-built cryptocurrency named AIOS tokens. It can help Freelancers to set-up a community and showcase their work accordingly and be paid within the platforms when they provide their work.

How AIOS Can Help Freelancers?


Freelancers contributes a major percentage of business and marketing activities nowadays. They work hard and delivers their work at proper timing. But sometimes, the middlemen gets all their profits in middle and they don’t receive what they deserve in the end. But with the AIOS platform, Freelancers can get paid without any exploitation from middlemen.

That’s how AIOS can help Freelancers:

Ad Integration

In most of the social media platforms, we generally see that whenever we want to put an Ad, the middle man earn more than the original author of that content or product. But with the use of AIOS platform, one can directly contact the person with high followers base through AIOS direct messaging app and ask them to put your content Ad on their profile after paying them with AIOS tokens. In this way, the real potential and benefit of an Ad can be seen without having to pay a third person an enormous amount, one can directly pay the person on which profile the Ad will be shown.

Marketing Platform

This is a unique feature which has never been shared on any social media platform. With this feature, AIOS allows it’s users to put their skills or content and fix a price for them in term of AIOS tokens. Now that ‘showcased’ product will be visible to the AIOS platform’s users and anyone can purchase that by paying the fixed price directly to the users in form of AIOS tokens. For a business owner, shopkeeper, trader or educator, this platform brings the enormous opportunities to market their product with full efficiency without any extra cost.

Decentralized Platform

One of the unique feature is the Decentralization of AIOS platform. This takes out the control from a central authority and gives it to the users of AIOS platform. All the information, data, content will be uploaded on a decentralized Blockchain where it’ll be highly secured.

Instant Messaging

Instant communication is the core of any business or social media platform. Thus AIOS offers instant messaging alongwith cryptocurrency transfer support directly within users without using any exchange. Anything can be shared over messaging like apps, gifs, videos, pictures or memes.

AIOS Coins


AIOS coins are the in-built cryptocurrency of AIOS platform which will be used to pay for the products and services within the AIOS platform. These coins will also be received as reward if a person share original content on the platform. There’s also a upvote system which works according the Strength (STR) of the investment in a person’s account.

Maximum Supply = 80 Million AIOS

Coins Price:

For Pre-ICO Sale : 1 ETH = 1800

AIOS Main ICO Sale: 1 ETH = 1000 AIOS

AIOS pre-ICO Crowdsale


AIOS pre-ICO Crowdsale is coming live on 17th September 2017. All the entries will be received in BTC or Ethereum. There are no deposits limit as to investment. One can invest as many as he can.

Maximum supply (hard cap) : 80 Million

AIOS Maximum for sale pre-ICO : 35 Million

AIOS Pre-ICO price: 1 ETH = 1800

AIOS Minimum amount : 0.1 ETH

Pre-ICO sale period : 06:30 GMT SEP 17 2017 To 00:30 GMT SEP 24 2017

Coin distribution : Contract will distribute coins/tokens after the ico.

Minimum pre-ICO goal : 200000 AIOS coin

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