DFS Coin : The Blockchain Based Decentralized Platform For Liberating Fantasy Sports Indsutry | Grab Some DFS Coins On Cryptopia & Coinexchange !!!

DFS Coin has a great significance when it comes to Fantasy Sports. We all know about the importance and demand in gaming industry. Millions of people are sports enthusiasts and some of them wants to earn money from it too. There are some traditional websites available which allows its users to make money out of fantasy sports. But these websites charges high commission as well as high withdrawal fees.

But now, a new platform has come into existence which is blockchain based and which allows its users to earn cryptocurrency and economical conversion from fiat to crypto and vice versa within the platform.

This platform name is DFS Coin.

DFS Coin Overview

DFS coin provides the Fantasy sports platform with the use of Blockchain technology as well as use of cryptocurrency. Now, after the inception of Blockchain technology and wide spread use of cryptocurrencies in real life, have provided an opportunity to bring the value over to the Fantasy sports industry as well.

DFS coin is the official cryptocurrency of Dailydraft and Fanlucci.com, two websites which provides the platform to play your favorite game and compete against players all over the world. All the transactions will be done in DFS Coin and all the crypto to fiat conversion will also be done in the same crypto as well.

Dailydraft has many games support. NBA and FIFA has tournament series which runs for 2–8 weeks and all the other series runs for normally 2–8 days.

DFS Coin Launching It’s Own Social Media Platform

DFS coin platform is launching it’s own platform for social gathering and networking of Crypto evangelists as well as sports lovers. Along with this, DFS Coin also adding crypto exchange support within this social media platform so that it’ll be a one stop shop for all needs.

DFS Coin Stats

DFS Coin have a maximum supply of 210 Million and out of which 42 Million have already pre-mined. For every new registration on Daily Drafts website, each user get 1000 DFS coins for free which he can use to enter into many contests as well as compete against various users all around the World.

DFS Coins are highly liquid and after recently their ICO got over, they are being traded successfully on Coin Exchange with a significant volume. Current Price is : 410 Satoshi per coin.

For detailed information. please their websites and read their whitepaper.

Thank you !!

DFS Coin Website: http://dfscoins.com/

Discord link : https://discord.gg/JSBgmVS

Draftdaily Website :https://draftdaily.com/

Coinexchange.io : https://www.coinexchange.io/market/DFS/BTC

Nova : https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_DFS/

GitHub link : https://github.com/NicoDFS/DFSCoin