DFS Coin Upcoming Plans & Lisitng On Cryptopia Exchange | Introducing It’s Own Social Networking Platform !!


DFS Coin is a revolutionary project which brings the Fantasy Sports industry into the World of cryptocurrency. As we all know there are millions of people out there who loves sports and majority of them have a deep passion for sports. FIFA, NBA, UEFA has a huge audience who watch all these tournament series with full enthusiasm.

But what if, a person can earn while playing his/her favorite sports?

Well, this is what Fantasy Sports is all about.

Fantasy sports is a virtual reality sports which one can play while sitting in the comfort of their home and using a free account on relative websites. Fantasy sports uses real life statistics of players and coded them into the virtual reality games. Now, an individual only has to make a team by selecting number of players and start competing against other players on a real time basis.

The opponents can be your friends or people using the same website or platform. But the interesting part is that, an individual can also play for money.

Also, there is reward pool for each tournament and the player whose team wins that particular tournament gets the reward pool prize. That prize money he can withdraw to his bank account as per his/her wish.

Now, if talk about DFS Coin, the it brings the cryptocurrency into the world of Fantasy Sports.

Let’s have a look on working infrastructure of DFS Coin:

DFS coin is actually the official cryptocurrency of Draftdaily and Fanlucci.com, two websites which provides real time Fantasy sports platform. These two websites provides the platform for fantasy sports which one can use to earn money while playing his favorite games.

DFS coin is being used as a means of exchange in which all the fees and rewards are paid to the users.

Dailydraft and Fanlucci.com supports all international games series like NBA, FIFA, MLB and NHL. NBA tournament series runs for 2–8 weeks while all other games series runs for 2–8 days.

DraftDaily Platform


DraftDaily is an exceptional website which provides a platform to all the users to meet their Fantasy sports likeness and turned it into reality. Draftsdaily features NBA, NHL, MLB and various contests related to all these sports in which anyone having an account is free to enter. The players who wants to play for money can do it on Draftdaily. They can choose their team and compete against the users all over the world and the money which was set for prize pool will be there for the winning team to grab.

Draftdaily has a pretty unique and ease to use interface. But the unique thing about the Draftsdaily is that they have their own crypto currency which they take in use on their websites’ transactions. All the transactions and betting on games is done in this cryptocurrency namely DFS Coin.

DFS Coin Upcoming Plans

DFS coin is spreading it’s reach over cryptocurrency market. It’s already being traded on Coinexchange.io and recently there is an update that it is going to be listed on Cryptopia exchange as well.

Cryptopia is a major exchange with great volume and higher transactions.

Right now, DFS Coin is being traded at 560 satoshi on Coinexchange.io and it’s value is increasing as we speak.

DFS Coin Affiliate Network

Affiliate network is extremely important for any project which includes money dealings. Now, DFS coin along with DraftDaily and Fanlucci.com, introducing a flexible affiliate networking which will pay handsome amount of commission to each member referral. The payment will be made in BTC or DFS coin as per the choice of person.

Fantasy Soccer

Soccer remains in high demand among all the gaming enthusiasts. So, the purpose is to make it available to the users of Draftsdaily as well. It is already live on Fanlucci.com and developers are trying to bring it over to Draftdaily too.

DFS Coin Statistics


DFS coin is in-built currency of Draftdaily and Fanlucci.com websites. All the transactions will be done in this currency only.

DFS Coin has a maximum supply of 210 Million and out of which 42 Million are pre-mined.

DFS Coin uses cases will depend on user to user. It is a well-established cryptocurrency as well as medium of exchange over Draftdaily platform. It can also be traded for other cryptocurrencies as well.

This project is actually providing a great value and deal to sports enthusiast.

Have a look at their website to get to know more about the project.

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DFS Coin Website: http://dfscoins.com/

Discord link : https://discord.gg/JSBgmVS

Draftdaily Website :https://draftdaily.com/

Coinexchange.io : https://www.coinexchange.io/market/DFS/BTCNova : https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_DFS/

GitHub link : https://github.com/NicoDFS/DFSCoin