Hedge Token (HDG) Has Introduced Crypto Assets Solutions Along With Crypto Index | ICO Crowdsale Is Live !!


As we all know, with the advent of Blockchain technology, the cryptocurrencies came into existence and since that moment we can see a huge growth in cryptocurrency valuation. Now, People are investing wholeheartedly in crypto market in order to earn a high ROI. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile investment instruments and without proper technical analysis, an investor can suffer a substantial loss in this market.

If we talk about recent China FUD, then people lost huge amount of investment within that brief phase. So in order to make successful return in crypto market, one needs proper technical analysis tools and market oscillators to research the market as well as predicting the future pricing trends.

Also in order to invest in Cryptocurrencies with full accuracy, people needs something which can give them an edge over risk and act like Hedge fund.

To keep that in mind, a platform has developed which can provide maximum returns by providing absolute analysing tools as well as an index which can track the pricing of top 30 cryptocurrencies in the market.

The name of this project is Hedge Token

Hedge Token (HDG) Architecture

Hedge Project has developed a high-end platform which can provide excellence over other investment tools by introducing crypto analysis tools of it’s own like Cryptocurrency Trade Index, Cryptocurrency Asset Index, Cryptocurrency Income Index and sector specific Trade Indices which could help investors to diversify as well as putting their investments in crypto space and managing their own portfolios with less cost and high reliability.

Hedge Token platform is based on Blockchain in order to provide full transparency as well as security.

Hedge Token (HDG) Specifications


Hedge Token project is very ambitious project offering many specification in order to help investors and traders alike to get ahead in terms of making effective and profitable Investment. Some flagship indices has been developed by Hedge Token project which can allow users to perform all crypto related analysis at one place.

Have a look at it’s specifications:

Cryptocurrency Top 30 Index

Cryptocurrency Top 30 Index will track the performance of crypto space by tracking the prices of top 30 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation. The most important fact is that, Cryptocurency Index doesn’t include the Initial Coin Offering which is recently listed in the cryptocurrency market, reducing the risk of trapping under the pump & dump crypto pricing and high volatility issues.

The central idea is to provide some effective tools to the crypto investors and traders so that they can make reliable investment decision while reducing the risk of high volatility.

Crypto Analysis Platform

Hedge Token Project is developing a platform which can provide all the insights about a specific cryptocurrency regarding technical analysis tools, latest updates, wallet upgradations, index information, project’s insight and much more. It will be a one-stop shop for an investor or trader to come and analyse a crypto in order to make a decision regarding investment or trade.

Collaboration With RIALTO.AI

Rialto is an expert in arbitrage and market building. With partnership, Hedge Token & Rialto can comprehensively provide market insights as well as project’s deep information to the investors and users in order to help investors get an edge over other market informers.

Hedge Token (HDG) Distribution Analysis


Hedge Tokens are ERC-20 based tokens having a hard capital of $15 Million. The ICO minimum target is $1.5 Million, the failure of which all the received money will be reversed to the investors.

Hedge Token Statistics

Total Supply: 50 Million HDG tokens

Total Crowdsale Supply: 20 Million HDG tokens

Price Per Token: 0.002 ETH

Hard Capital: $15 Million

Hedge Token (HDG) Crowd Sale


Hedge Token (HDG) project is one of it’s kind providing extreme value to it’s users.

Hedge Token crowd sale began on 15th September 2017 and will end on 15th October 2017. The crowd sale will run for a complete one month. All the participants can invest in this project with deposits in ETH only.

Hedge Token Project is actually provides value for investors and traders in the World of cryptocurrency. As the cryptocurrency projects lacks fundamentals, so it’s very important to have some unique platform as well as valuation tools to make a worth investment in the crypto space.

Go and Take part in Hedge Token Crowd sale.

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